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Friday, January 26, 2018

I'm so excited ~ I have finally {after 10 years} become a Trunk Keeper with Matilda Jane!

The title says it all!!!!  After wearing Matilda Jane for the last 10 years I finally had the opportunity to become a Trunk Keeper.  I am beyond thrilled as my daughter and I have worn this line since 2007 and I have never received anything that I didn't LOVE!
If you have never heard of Matilda Jane it is a high-end boutique brand specializing in baby girls, girls, tween girls, and women fashion clothing. Over the past few years, MJ has expanded into home as well, which receives equal love from us! {see my daughters bedding below}
You may wonder what took me so long to join the company especially if I bought everything they released for 10 years and well, that is a great question?!?!  I actually tried to join the company about 6-7 years ago but there was a hiring freeze on Trunk Keepers ~ this was probably a blessing in disguise {you know He works in ways we will never see or understand}.  If I had joined when I wanted to, I would never have made a dime because I would have spent everything I earned and then some, I am sure of it!  Now that my daughter is almost out of the tween line, we are enjoying the womens together, along with the accessories and home lines ~ there is still so much love to be had beyond the littles lines and I think this speaks volumes about MJ ~ I am still jumping on board even though we no longer have a need of purchasing all that sweet little girl love. 

So with all of that said, please click the Shop Matilda Jane with Me  Matilda Jane logo at the top right of this page to go to the Matilda Jane website and check it out if you've never done so before.  If you want to order, book a show, ask a question or are simply looking for a Trunk Keeper please feel free to email me at and I will be in touch ASAP.  Happy Shopping ~ the new line releases Feb 1!

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