Easter Treats You Should Hop to Making Right Now ~ If you've been looking for the best springtime cupcakes, snacks and sweets, well you've come to right spot! Here you'll find all sorts of favorites, from chocolate "nests" to peeps pizza....yep Peeps and Pizza, what could be a better Easter combo🐰🍕 ?!?!

Bunny Cups for the Win! Kids {and adults alike☺} will rave over these pudding snacks and you may get the title of Mom of the Year.

Psst! These carrots are actually chocolate-covered strawberries in disguise. Go ahead and eat more "vegetables." Recipe

Bunny Bum Bons? These cake balls are seriously worth the extra effort. Look at them😍  Recipe

Sunny-Side-Up Meringues, How delightful are these? They're also super easy. Recipe

Cottontail Cookies, really? The only thing sweeter than the way these adorable bunny cookies look (seriously, those little feet) is how they taste. Recipe

Bunny Butt Pretzels, ee'll take these salty 'n' sweet treats over store-bought chocolate bunnies any day.

The secret ingredient in these chocolate egg nests? Chow mein noodles. Recipe

These adorable lil' nuggets are really just Rice Krispie balls covered with white chocolate and coconut. Easiest. Cake Pop. Ever. Recipe

It's officially Peeps season, people! Celebrate with this fully loaded "pizza." Recipe

If you forgot all about Easter, don't fret. You only need four ingredients and fifteen minutes to make these so-easy sweets. Recipe

Make these precious pudding pies with just three ingredients: chocolate pudding + graham cracker crusts + marshmallow bunnies. Recipe


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