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Thursday, December 8, 2016

Christmas decorations to make you reconsider your own decorating style....

Turquoise Holiday Decorations ~ A neutral living room becomes playful thanks to an eye-catching candelabra and ornaments. The mantel is accentuated with a fresh evergreen garland along with whimsical trinkets like miniature gnomes, red mushrooms, and mice.

Gray Christmas Decorations ~ A large chalkboard calendar makes counting down until Christmas easy. Two bright white trees, which get added height from galvanized tub stands, balance out the gray tones of the rest of the room.

Wednesday, December 7, 2016

Cute and clever Christmas gift ideas to try for everyone of your list...including co-workers, teachers, friends and family!

Succulents are a must-have indoor plant right now because they look exotic but are surprisingly low-maintenance. These holiday planters make a quick and inexpensive gift for friends, family, or coworkers. Wrap empty, clean tin cans with 1/4 inch braided red-and-white polypropylene rope. Secure the rope to the can as you wrap using a hot-glue gun. Slightly twist the rope to line up the candy cane-color stripes. Add an adorable gift tag using a thin piece of twine.

For a nontraditional take on snow globes, craft a set of holiday snow scenes using jars. Sprinkle faux snow in the bottom of the jar, and add trinkets and small toys. Top with ribbons, lace, or sprigs of holly, and display on your mantel or as a centerpiece for all to enjoy.

Individual-size bread puddings are a great hostess gift. Each cup is filled with a fluffy mixture of cinnamon bread and apples; homemade caramel sauce in a mini jam jar adds a decadent drizzle. Package the servings in a disposable foil muffin pan with a lid, and decorate the top of the muffin pan with paper circles and scrapbook stickers.

Adorable Christmas sweater crafts that transform that Ugly Sweater into a beauty once more!

Arm yourself with an adorable votive wrap made from the cuff of a sweater. Simply fit the arm of the sweater around a votive or vase and cut off the ends about 2 inches longer than the votive or vase. Fold the ends and hot-glue in place. Slip sweater over the votive or vase.

Make a ready-for-the-wall tree design with 16 small embroidery hoops (we used 3-inch-wide hoops) and interesting cuts from a Christmas sweater. Simply place the sweaters inside the hoops, fasten, and trim excess. Lay out in a tree pattern and use removeable adhesive to attach to your wall.

Thursday, December 1, 2016

Upcycled, Cheap, Creative and EASY Holiday Decorating.Crafts and Gifts on A Budget

Turn an assortment of past-their-prime men's shirts with pockets into a colorful holiday countdown the kids will love. Follow these step-by-step instructions that explain how to stitch it up ~ then just hang on your bannister or mantel and fill the pockets with candy or small toys.

If you want to brighten up your front door for the holidays but a traditional evergreen wreath isn't your style, this clever project is for you. Just coat a ceiling medallion (available at your local hardware store) in green high-gloss spray paint then loop through some colorful holiday ribbon for hanging.

A hand-me-down quilt may be too fragile or old to use as bedding but holds too many sentimental memories to simply throw away. Preserve the best part of the quilt, giving it new life as a charming Christmas tree skirt. Follow these step-by-step instructions make this repurposing project a snap, even for beginning sewers. Also use butchers paper for wrapping, twin for securing and pine for embellishing your gifts.