We eat the fruit of our then, what fruit are you eating?

Fun, Unique Ways to Craft with Fall Leaves ~ Cheap ideas to decorate your home for fall.....just take a walk, gather some leaves and use your imagination OR try some or all of these cute, cute ideas!

Be Unique When You Decorate Your Home for Fall ~ Get out of the traditional fall decor box and use things that inspire you, that you love and that match your current'll be surprised how much you love the unique look and so will your family and friends!

Get out your glue gun and put on your creative too can create these cheap and easy {I know what your thinking with those 2 little words} DIY Fall & Halloween wreaths with things you have around the house or things you can buy cheap...

Easy Pumpkin Pie Cupcakes

From little girl to tween girl ~ Eme's TOTAL bedroom re-do under $500!

Are you ready for Fall? Well I am certainly getting in the seasonal mood so check out my DYI Turquoise Velvet Pumpkins!

Now the time to start thinking about your Fall Decor! Spend this Labor Day Weekend resting your mind.soul.body and do something you love...DYI! Try out some of these easy Fall decorating ideas/projects and make your home Fall Happy =)

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