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Monday, September 26, 2016

We eat the fruit of our then, what fruit are you eating?

Our words have creative power. Any time we speak something, either good or bad; we give life to what we are saying. Scripture says, "We will eat the fruit of our words." That means we will get exactly what we've been saying, we are prophesying our own future. That's why it's so important to send our words out in the direction we want our life to go ~ we can't talk defeat and expect to have victory, we can't talk lack and expect to have abundance as we will produce whatever we say.

Are you declaring the blessing of God over your life? Are you speaking His promises? Have you ever noticed that many of His promises are in the past tense? For example, in Ephesians God says, "I have blessed you with every spiritual blessing." In Colossians He says, "I have made you worthy." In Psalms He says, "I have surrounded you with favor as a shield." These are all past tense, like it's already happened. In order to activate His blessing, we have to come into agreement with what God has already declared about us ~that's faith!

Maybe we don't necessarily feel blessed today, a lot of things may be coming against you in your family, finances or health, but that doesn't change the Word of God. Circumstances don't change what God says about us, however, what God says about us can change our circumstances ~ we are the deciding factor. Instead of talking about our circumstances, we need to be bold and say, "God, if You say I'm blessed, then I believe I'm blessed! My checkbook may not say I'm blessed. The economy may not say I'm blessed. The medical report may not say I'm blessed. But God, I know You are the ultimate authority, and if You say I'm blessed, then I declare that I am blessed!"

When we get into agreement with God like that which is in our thoughts, words and actions, it opens supernatural doors and sets the blessing in motion. It allows Him to release the promises that already have our name on them! We can pull it out of the unseen spiritual realm over into the physical, seen realm, that's what the Bible means when it says, "God speaks of nonexistent things as if they already existed."

I want to live the abundant, blessed, joy-filled life that Jesus came to give us and we have to understand that the power of our words is a major key. We need to begin to declare God's blessing in every area of our life so that we can live the abundant, blessed joy-filled life that He has in store for us!

Wednesday, September 21, 2016

Fun, Unique Ways to Craft with Fall Leaves ~ Cheap ideas to decorate your home for fall.....just take a walk, gather some leaves and use your imagination OR try some or all of these cute, cute ideas!

Autumn Leaf Candle Holder ~Allow the warm colors of autumn leaves to shine throughout your home with these easy DIY candle holders.

Foliage Letter ~Use strong spray adhesive and artificial leaves to give a large initial a seasonal update—a great alternative to a wreath!

Oversize Leaf Artwork ~A simply gorgeous way to show off colorful leaves, this project is a stunning centerpiece for your fall mantel.

Monday, September 12, 2016

Be Unique When You Decorate Your Home for Fall ~ Get out of the traditional fall decor box and use things that inspire you, that you love and that match your current'll be surprised how much you love the unique look and so will your family and friends!

Be Unique ~ You don't have to stick to the traditional fall colors when you transform your house for the fall season. Of course those traditional colors of red, orange, yellow and brown are awesome but think out side the box and spruce up your home by adding seasonal decorating touches using a variety of color. I tried this concept this year and everyone has absolutely LOVED my turquoise pumpkins that of course match my den {click here to see that post}, however here is pic of my den:

The top pic above done in white, ivory and robin eggs blue with burgundy, is front and center, it brings a new twist to the Fall decor scheme, that will get people's attention. Of course you should continue to use the the traditional fall items to fill your home just mix up the color ~ it makes a great back drop for a Fabulous Fall Party!

Consider these easy changes to your decor in UN-traditioanl fall colors ~ they all still make a cozy fall statement but in non-traditional color schemes!

Saturday, September 10, 2016

Get out your glue gun and put on your creative too can create these cheap and easy {I know what your thinking with those 2 little words} DIY Fall & Halloween wreaths with things you have around the house or things you can buy cheap...

Swatches of orange, red, and white burlap, broadcloth or even felt can create a candy corn illusion that you can keep on your front door for the entire season. TIP: if you use a wire wreath form , bend it in the same of a tear drop to really create the look of candy corn.

Decorate a basic twig wreath with your favorite holiday goodies...check the dollar store for unique fall/halloween items. Love how this wreath paired colorful butterflies, a few spooky crows and spiders for the perfect combination of tricks and treats.

Friday, September 9, 2016

Easy Pumpkin Pie Cupcakes

My oh My I can't wait to bake some these yummy sounding pumpkin cupcakes recipes, let alone eat them! Every year I look for new and yummy pumpkin recipes for home and party going. I hope these will be the ticket for this year!

Monday, September 5, 2016

From little girl to tween girl ~ Eme's TOTAL bedroom re-do under $500!

Well we changed the room again.....tween girls change their mind as often as they change their clothes!  We updated Eme's room 2 years ago {see here} but it was still too "young" for her changing style and age, I didn't think so but whatever.  So I decided that we would change one last time before we put our house on the market.

We did this entire room transformation for under $500 and that includes new furniture, from Ikea of course!  The set she had was mine when I was a little girl so it was roughly 35 years old and in not so great shape.  I did save it and put in the spare room but it really could go to dump since it is cheaply made and the drawers hardly open or close now.

Anyhoo, the dressers, side tables, shelves, bedding, curtains and most accessories are from Ikea totaling approx. $400 and then the rest is from TJ Maxx, Hobby Lobby and Antique stores.  The end result is perfect and we both love it!

I am too cheap when buying paint that I always check the Oops! counter everytime I am in Lowes, Home Depot or Sutherlands, hence the gray paint color on her was Valspar that I got for $15, SCORE!

Sunday, September 4, 2016

Are you ready for Fall? Well I am certainly getting in the seasonal mood so check out my DYI Turquoise Velvet Pumpkins!

I have to admit.....I truly don't have much in the way of Fall decor simply because I do sooooo much decorating at Christmas that I choose to focus on that holiday. I sold most of the fall decor many years ago so that I could have extra money for Christmas decor and only kept a few heirloom pieces. This year I am feeling a bit more "Fall-y" but didn't want to spend any money on decor so I thought if I can make things with stuff I have then I will decorate a little bit more for fall.

As luck would have it, I have a ton of stuff from previous projects in the craft/sewing room and since I do deem myself as pretty crafty I started looking for fall crafting ideas. Obviously the main decor item for Fall is the pumpkin so that is what I choose for this years fall house decor up-do.

Since you you can find so many tutorials across the web for making velvet pumpkins {or fabric pumpkins in general}, it didn't seem necessary to write another one in great detail with step by step pictures. Instead I'll just suggest you google or pinterest that yourself, you can search right from my website, and as you will see there are dozens. Here is my tutorial version and I'm sharing with you with the finished product pictures of course!

Here is my method of a plush, fabric pumpkin!

1. Start with fabric of choice, I've used regular quilters fabric and velvet. Cut a circle from your fabric using a dinner plate or go bigger depending on the size you want.

2. Some of the more expensive velvet pumpkins have plastic pellets inside. This is not my choice because I want FREE, I used raw elbow macaroni and rice and I even used spaghetti noddles all broken up for the big one {since I ran out of the other options}. This is to weight the pumpkin down so that it won't constantly be falling over. Another alternative weight that you can use is dry beans.

3. After you have your circle cut, gather the Edges–Thread a large needle with upholstery or heavy duty thread and run a basting stitch around the entire edge of your cloth circle.

4. Cinch your circle nearly closed, like a pouch. Leave the needle and thread attached, but don’t knot it!

5. Fill the your pumpkin about 1/3 full with rice, beans, or whatever your choose for weight.

6. Stuff the pumpkin the rest of the way with fiber fill.

7. Close the hole by running another basting stitch around the entire edge of the top of your pumpkin.

8. Hot glue your stem of choice, I used the "beanseeds" from our "bean {AKA Catalpa} tree" to create a realistic pumpkin stem on my velvet pumpkin. I would prefer to have used a real pumpkin stem but obviously I don't have that option so this worked great for me =) You can use items like sticks, wine corks, dowel rods, etc.

OPTIONAL: To get a more realistic looking pumpkin you can flip the pumpkin upside down after step #7 and pull the needle through. Cinch tight, and go up and down through the middle of the pumpkin a few more times. This creates a depression in the stem area of the pumpkin, allowing the ‘shoulders’ of the pumpkin to be full and voluptuous.

Friday, September 2, 2016

Now the time to start thinking about your Fall Decor! Spend this Labor Day Weekend resting your mind.soul.body and do something you love...DYI! Try out some of these easy Fall decorating ideas/projects and make your home Fall Happy =)

Add character to a plain, inexpensive frame with a border of acorn caps. Hot-glue the acorn caps to the frame. Glue a pressed leaf or other nature find to burlap for a fitting focal point.

Candles are the perfect way to create a soft glow that warms up a cool autumn evening. Hot-glue Indian corn to the outside of a pillar candle for a colorful accent. As you burn the candle, make sure the flame doesn't get too close to the corn.

Transform your everyday bookshelf into an autumnal display with a few simple tweaks. First, to create a consistent and graphic look, cover books with festive paper -- we love these tree- and floral-inspired prints. Then incorporate natural elements and accessories in fall hues.

Bring a touch of the great outdoors inside with this adorable acorn pillow. Simply purchase a solid-color pillow in the fabric and color of your choice and a large acorn iron-on. Place the acorn in the center of the pillow, follow the directions included with the iron-on transfer, and you have a festive and fun throw pillow that blends perfectly with other fall decor.