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Friday, April 29, 2016

If you live on the cheap (even if you don't) you can create these easy, eye-pleasing ideas to increase your homes Spring.Summer curb appeal for pennies! Who knew you so little could get so much?!?!

Scour flea markets for unique and thrifty finds to add cheer to your front door. An old pail turned planter and child's chair bring vintage charm and amp up the cottage appeal of this home.

Create an inviting outdoor space by placing a chair on your porch. Don't worry if that chair isn't in perfect shape. Thrift store finds or hand-me-down chairs can add charm, and you won't mind if they get battered by the elements.

Lackluster plastic pots have no place on your porch. For a quick and cute style upgrade, cover each pot with one yard of burlap and fold it as if wrapping a gift. Add your own dots with metallic paint and a stencil pouncer. A few dabs of hot glue will hold the burlap in place.

Monday, April 25, 2016

Our Backyard Oasis ~ Our above ground DIY buried in ground pool.....LOVE IT!

Like many families we wanted the comfort of having our own pool, to use at our convenience, not waiting for the local pool to open and then not being ready to leave when it closes. We have thought this out for many years but wanted to wait until our kids were not in danger of being outside unattended. Well that year came last year! With our youngest being 10 and the oldest 18, we finally convinced dad to get us that pool. [Please note that these pictures were taken last spring an hour before we hosted our oldest sons high school graduation celebration party ~ which is why there are Class of 2015 beach balls blown up and floating in our pool as well as Grad balloons in my flower pots and a party tent =)]

While we love our patio and fire pit area we [me and the kiddos] just felt something was lacking ;) Yes we can eat out here, have wonderful conversation and even play games but when it's hot out, a dip in a pool is what we really craved!

The only snafu we hit was the in ground VS above ground debate. Of course we would have loved to have had a complete in ground pool but since our home is over 100 years old, the tree that came out of our yard [it was half dead so it had to go] was at least 100 years old so the root system was ALL over our yard making it impossible to put in an in ground pool =( However, the place where the tree stood left us with the opportunity to have a "hole" that we could place an above ground pool in and come to a compromise....half in and half above.

How you may ask did this work? Well my hubby is an engineer so he planned this all out creating a retaining wall about 8 inches from the pool walls so that the dirt wouldn't eventually collapsed in on the pool. We went with a 52 inch deep by 21 feet around pool and 2/3 of the pool is the in the ground. The outcome was far more than we would have dreamed and we LOVE it! I am extremely blessed to be married to an engineer ;)  The only scary thing is that people coming over to swim for the first time have no idea how deep our pool really is because it looks shallow the way it is set up......they are in for a surprise when they jump in =)

As you can see we aren't completely done with this project as the "wood siding" will go all the way around the pool so we hope to have that finished this summer.  Oh joys of having an old home.....the projects are never ending!

We have lived in this house for 20 years and I couldn't imagine us being anywhere else [even though we have 5 acres that my husband wants to build on, yesterday]. Eventually we will move out to our 5 acre lot as this 4 story gem that we currently call home is WAY to BIG for my rheumatoid arthritic body to clean. Our 5 bedroom old home served it's purpose while we were raising our family but with the first kid out and married we no longer need this much space and it's time for another young, growing family to love "this old house"!

Saturday, April 23, 2016

Easy DIY Garden Decor

Scrap Metal Flowers ~ Give your garden year-round blooms with larger-than-life flowers designed from scrap metal and wooden stakes. A decorative knob provides a pop of color at the center of each flower while keeping the parts together.

Tin Can Luminarias ~ Brighten your deck or patio with these inexpensive punched-tin lights. Even on a breezy summer evening, these inexpensive luminarias will set a festive mood on your deck or patio. Constructed from discarded cans, they can be any size that works for a votive candle.

Bubble Fountain~ A small metal table (this one cost $40 at IKEA) becomes a fountain by swapping the glass top for a plastic planter bowl and dressing up both pieces with spray paint. A submersible pump and attached fountain bring the waterworks to life. Glass balls glisten under the water and conceal the pump.

Friday, April 15, 2016

Perfect DIY backyard, patio and porch ideas that just about anyone can do

Although furniture is a quick fix, a swinging patio bed is a simple, charming DIY solution to relax-worthy seating. Adapt a platform or bench to hold a cushion and a back support. Hooks should be attached to beams, not the ceiling itself.

Convert underutilized areas in your landscape into welcoming patios by employing handsome furnishings, vibrant fabrics, and beautifully planted containers. Though this area was designed as a designated patio space, patios can be located anywhere you can create a floor from brick, flagstones, wood chips, or gravel.

Consider furnishing your patio with lightweight pieces that you can move from sun to shade or partner with other conversation groupings as needed. Look for pieces with vintage patinas, scintillating silhouettes, and chromatic fabrics so even the smallest objects will mightily contribute to a patio's overall good looks.

Friday, April 8, 2016

Fill Your Cup til it Overflows

“You prepare a feast for me in the presence of my enemies. You honor me by anointing my head with oil. My cup overflows with blessings.” Psalm 23:5

In the Bible, oil is symbolic of the anointing of God. Do you know what oil does? It makes things "flow". Whenever there is friction or something gets stuck, putting oil on it makes it become more fluid, more smooth. I'm thinking about cooking ~ you put oil in the skillet so things cook better, more evenly and without sticking ALSO WD-40 sure helps that door from sticking and squeaking every time you open or close it, right? Well that’s what God wants to do for you ~ He wants to anoint your head with oil and when He does that, notice what David says in Psalm 23, “Because God anoints me, because I walk in His favor; surely, goodness and mercy will follow me everywhere I go.”

You know, God’s anointing makes things easier ~ people will go out of their way to be good to you for no reason ~ His feast prepared for only you right in the presence of your enemies ~ enemies that are human/people, intangible/sickness and/or materials/money. You are given creativity, wisdom and good ideas. God’s anointing on your life will cause the right doors to open and it will bring the right people across your path. It will make things go and flow smoother and the good news is, all you have to do is ask Him for it. Remember, He longs to be good to you, you can trust that His anointing will make things easier, and He will lead you into the abundant life He has in store for you!

Heavenly Father, thank You for Your favor in my life today. Thank You for causing me to be at the right place at the right time. Anoint my head with Your oil so that I can move forward in the path You have for me in Jesus’ name. Amen.

Monday, April 4, 2016

Outdoor Decorating Projects That Add Personality to Your Garden

Burlap Garden Box
Salvage a cardboard box and two burlap bags (found at bulk grocers) for a mini garden. Cut the bags at the seams, piece together to fit your box, and sew with right sides together to form a tube. Turn, then fit over the box, tucking and gluing extra material inside and underneath.
Line the box with a polypropylene bag, and add potting mix and plants.

Chime In
Wind chimes are a staple of many decks, porches, and patios. Create your own using nothing more than some empty wine bottles and aluminum wire. Hang a collection of different-size bottles at various heights from a pergola or other overhead structure. Listen as the bottles softly clink together with the wind.

Wicker chairs are a staple in many outdoor gathering places. Breathe new life into yours by giving them a fresh coat of colorful paint. Choose pastel colors for a subtle look, or use brighter colors to make a bigger style statement.

BONUS:  add hanging lanterns to add seasonal color or just your favorite colors in general!