Quick, Easy and Simple Valentine's Gifts For The Teacher

Love Mug ~ Find a Valentine mug at your local department store, throw in some hot cocoa packets, marshmallows and chocolate covered spoons. The perfect love mug!

Hugs and Kisses ~ Any jar will do, fill 'er up with Valentine hugs and kisses, add a sentiment card or sticker....Simple, Quick and Easy!

Sweet Bouquet ~ This bouquet is filled with pixie sticks, but you can also use Valentine's themed pencils. You can even get all these supplies at the Dollar Store, and you can use any jar not necessarily just a mason jar.

Soda-delighted ~ Pick your teachers favorite soda 6 pack. preferrably red or pink =). Attach a bow in Valentine colors with the SODA-delighted sentiment card.

Valentine Confetti ~ This recipe is SO tasty and really, really easy to make. Pop some corn and add some Valentine M&M's. Top the baggie with a cute little tag that says "I'm Sweet On You!"

Candy 6 Pack ~ Empty bottles from a six pack will hold a variety of Valentine candy's. Re-attach the caps, decorate the crate and add a sentiment card. Decorate the crate as lavishly or simple as you wish.

Valentine Milk & Cookies ~ Make a milk bath solution and a cookie scent sugar scrub (Google them for a bazillion recipes), put into sealed containers. You can decorate a festive basket to hold them or just place in a gift bag.


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