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Wednesday, July 20, 2016

Well I hate to admit it but it's right around the corner....Back To School time! Here are 8 Modern Back-to-School Items ~ send your kids back to the classroom with these cool updates on old-school favorites.

Herschel Settlement Backpack ~ A basic book bag with a twist. This single front pocket pack is equipped with an electronics sleeve and is available in nine color and pattern options. To buy: $55,

Urbio Magnetic Modular System ~ If you’re short on desk space, use a bare wall for organizing the office essentials. From spiral notebooks to slim highlighters, this modern 11-pocket modular storage unit can handle items of all shapes and sizes. To buy: Starting at $15,

Purple Kaleidoscope Composition Book ~ Bye-bye, black-and-white marble notebook. Your little student can take serious notes in a cool bound notebook that’s filled with 160 lined pages. To buy: $5,

Color Reference Drawers ~ Conquer clutter with a color-coded mini filing cabinet, which is ideal for storing notes from a BFF or ribbons for art projects. To buy: $109,

Basic Pencil Pouch ~ With an exterior holster for holding a favorite pen or pencil, this slim pocket pouch won’t take up much space in a backpack or locker. To buy: $22,

Lunch Lines ~ If you’re on lunch packing duty, then here’s permission to get a little silly. A booklet filled with 188 sheets of riddles that were made for tucking inside Junior’s brown bag. To buy: $10,

Black and Gold Geometric Mousepad ~ Since your kid is anything but ordinary, a funky mousepad, with a graphic gold pattern, is a natural desktop accessory. To buy: $19.50,

Red Soft Cover Folio ~ This durable envelope is sure to stick with your student all year long. Plus, its vibrant color means it’ll be a cinch to spot within the depths of an overcrowded locker. To buy: $14,

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