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Sunday, January 26, 2014

Homemade, Unique and Useable Valentine Cards for Kids to Create and Share with Classmates

You Rule ~ grab enough rulers for each child in the class. Use craft or scrapbook paper and cut into 6" X 3" rectangles. Cut a slit in the end to thread the ruler in. Before threading, decorate the paper however you wish, thread the ruler and your set.

Rolo Pencil ~ A roll of Rolos and enough Hersey Kisses for each child in the class. Use Yellow and Pink craft paper and a sliver of tin foil. Wrap and glue the paper around the rolos to resemble a pencil, glue on a kiss at the bottom and add a sentiment card. The perfect, edible pencil!

Gold Fish School ~ You will need the big box of gold fish, small baggies for each student in the class, and ribbon. Make a sentiment card to place in each bag, fill with gold fish and tie with a ribbon.

Play-Doh ~ Get enough play-doh for each child. Create a label to fit the top of the container with a sentiment and glue.

Cheez It ~ Grab enough small Cheez-It bags for each child in the class. Print or make a heart sentiment and attach to the bag.

Pop Rocks ~ You will need enough Pop Rocks for each student in the class. Create sentiment to fit the Pop Rocks and glue in place.

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