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Sunday, September 22, 2013

Indoor Halloween Decor Ideas

Homespun Pumpkin Decorations
Assembled from yarn, rope, and foam balls, these homespun pumpkin decorations are simple to make. For each, gently press top and bottom of a Styrofoam ball against a work surface to flatten ends (so ball doesn't roll). Wrap orange roving around ball. Insert a T pin into top. Tie cream or orange mohair yarn to pin and cover ball. Cut a length of rope; place over pin, and attach with a hot-glue gun, pressing to secure.

Friendly Ghost Shades
These easy, inexpensive window treatments are a spooky addition to windows for Halloween.
Paper window shade
Thin white paper
Painter’s tape
Spray adhesive
Double-stick tape
Ghost template
1. Trim a paper window shade to fit your window. 2. Print and cut out ghost templates; trace them onto thin white paper, such as white kraft paper, and cut them out. 3. Stretch the shade flat; tape it to a work surface. 4. Spray the back of a ghost with adhesive, then press it onto the shade. 5. To get a scalloped lower edge, as shown, pinch a stack of pleats up from the bottom (we did eight), and diagonally snip off the ends. Fold the bottom edge in half to fan the pleats, and secure with double-stick tape.

Clean jars
Oil-based enamel paint in black and orange or yellow
Extra-wide masking tape
Utility knife
Plastic-covered 20-gauge wire
Needle-nose pliers
Small candle (such as the LED candle)
1. In a well-ventilated area, paint inside of jar orange or yellow until opaque. Apply masking tape to outside. Press out air bubbles. Draw a jack-o'-lantern face in marker on tape (or print out templates onto adhesive labels). Cut out and peel away features with a utility knife to form a stencil (an adult should do this). 2. Paint stencil with black paint. When dry, peel off tape. 3. For a handle, loop the end of wire with pliers. Make a lasso shape that will hug jar. Bend remaining wire over for a handle. Cut wire; make another loop to hook onto ring. Slip ring over jar's mouth; tighten.

Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Eme's Room Re-Do ~ Mod Podge Table and Painted Dressers

As I mentioned and showed in another post (click here), I had a blast Mod Podging this old metal milk jug! After painting the top pink we couldn't be any more tickled at how this turned out! It is a perfect compliment to finishing off her reading nook.

Another transformation was her dressers ~ her very old dressers that happen to belong to me when I was little girl! It was dark, ugly "wood" that we had already painted white BUT to fit in with our new transformation. I painted the drawers pink, used Pottery Barn bin pulls in bronze and the doors on the tallboy dresser, have grosgrain ribbon ties in bows.

Natural Elements for Fabulous Fall Decor

Color Blocking
Arrange branches of fall leaves by hue to establish a color-blocking effect. Place one color of leaves so they land on one side of the vase and another color so that they fall to the other side of the vase.

Luxe Pumpkins
Bring a little sparkle to natural fall decor. Coat light-color pumpkins with iridescent spray paint, and while the paint is wet, sprinkle iridescent glitter over the pumpkin.

Nut Wreath
Branch out from the standard round wreath and try a different shape on your front door. Hot-glue unshelled nuts to a picture frame, leaving a spot at the top for a ribbon. Wrap a coordinating ribbon around the top in a loop to create the wreath hanger.

Monday, September 16, 2013

Halloween Pumpkin Decorating Ideas

Pumpkin Greeting ~ Spell out your greeting in mini pumpkins gathered at a prominent location. Step 1: Pencil letters on hollowed pumpkins (carve out the opening from the bottom).
Step 2: Using a drill with a half-inch bit, bore holes to form each letter. Step 3: Hang strings of Christmas-tree lights, gathered in small bunches, to illuminate each pumpkin (unscrew bulbs where the string descends to the next row).

Veiled Beauty ~ Part cobweb, part creeping vine, the effect of black lace on painted pumpkins is thoroughly macabre. Begin by painting pumpkins (or faux Funkins, from $18; Once they're dry, use a photo as a guide to cut out pieces of lace; brush matte Mod Podge onto the back sides, and adhere to your pumpkins. Finish by sealing each with a topcoat of Mod Podge.

Friday, September 13, 2013

Eme's Room Re-Do ~ Progress BUT Still Little Things To Do

So, I just keep plugging along on this bedroom re-do AND I must say that I've had so much fun looking for ideas, concocting ideas in my head and then putting these things together. I also don't think I've ever loved a wall color as much as I love this one ~ is it pale greenish or pale bluish or even both?!?! Unfortunately I can't really answer that or even share the name of it because I mixed a bunch of old paints together that we had to get this color....My way of saving $25 for a gallon of paint! I love saving money, though my husband my slightly disagree!

One of my other FAV's in this room is the old milk jug table turned Funky fabric table. As a seasmstress I have more scrap fabric than I can shake a stick at and so it began. I Mod Podged a tons of different scraps onto this base and attached a wooden circle table topper to create this fun table! My 14 year old son even said it was cool (that's a huge compliment coming from him because you know as mom I usually do stupid things) and didn't believe I made it.

I just wanted to show this fun table for now and will have a better picture later along with more pictures of the room. I hope to have it all done in about a week so I can move on to another room before our house is on the community Holiday Homes Tour....we shall see if that happens!

Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Paper Lantern.Pom Pom Mobile ~ Eme's Room Re-Do

Oh MY this thing took me an hour and half to get right and it still isn't as full as I thought it would be......

So Eme had a tulle canopy above/around her bed but when she saw a pic of the paper lantern/pom pom  mobile on Pinterest (Click Here to see which one it was) she was hooked!  So we ordered 12 assorted colors and styles of these from Luna Bazaar, I attached them using their "hooks" with fishing line and WALLA ~ our mobile!

To be honest I thought it would be wider with that many but.....considering these are all attached together with 1 line and fastened to a plant hook, I think we did pretty good (it did take me over an hour to get them where and how I wanted them though), we also have 10 foot ceilings so it is longer than wider which works out perfect for us!

Sunday, September 8, 2013

This Old House, Our Old House ~ Eme's Bedroom Re-Do

Ok fellow readers ~ If you follow this blog you know that I'm obsessed with Christmas! I have 14 trees (you can see a sampling of them here) that I put up in each room of the house. Well this year (after 14 years of being in our wonderful 100 year old home that we have slowly, lovingly re-modeled each room in) we thought we would finally sell it and build a house because my husband is an engineer and has always dreamed of designing and building his own ~ I on the 0ther hand have never had the desire (yes I know, crafty person that I am DO NOT have this desire). After being on the market 9 months with only 2 bites, in early August we decided to continue to love it and FINALLY build our dream vision of this house's attic space ~ A Master Suite.

If you know me personally you know that my husband and I never once looked at a newer house when we purchased this house ~ our first house purchased when we were 23 and 25. We were very blessed that this is our first and only home purchased. We told everyone that commented on how big it was and asked what were we thinking purchasing so much house as our first, that "we would never have to leave it as it does enough space to grow our family". We also said that as much as we love it and call it ours according to the bank, that is really isn't ours, rather we are only the current caretakers of this grand, old, brick home.....there have only been 4 families in it and we are the 4th!

Back to my you know old homes don't have en suites and while we do have 4 generous size bedrooms and we have 3 kiddos, we only have 1 full size (and it's very large) bathroom. This worked well when everyone was little but with a teen, tween and wishing-she-was- a-teen 8 year old this just isn't quite working out so well in the mornings. So we took the house off the market, my husband drew up plans, and the master in the attic (which was bare bones) has begun. (I will be blogging about this experience too ~ with photos!)

Anyway, my initial story was to share that just as we decided to tackle the attic, which stores my 14 trees and the numerous tubs that hold the ornaments, I told my husband that this year I will just put our 12 foot main tree up and of course Eme's because what little girl doesn't want their Christmas tree put up, and we can take the remainder of things to our storage unit, out of the way for remodeling purposes. Well, just as I was saying this, I got a call that our community was going to have it's first Holiday Homes Tour and would love for us to be included......WOW, what an honor! So of course I said yes (without talking to hubby) and then started to fret over the massive remodel, moving kids rooms around, and of course getting up all those trees before December 7!

So as my husband has started the attic and I have started the daunting task of re-doing our kids rooms because the oldest will move from the basement (yes we have a finished basement in this 100 year old home) to our room. This devastated our 8 year old daughter who thought she would be moving to the biggest room with the biggest closet. Instead of moving her and our middle son, I told them we would refresh their rooms for the tour and because it seemed everyone in the family was getting a new room.

Here is the start of Eme's room re-do and believe me, I am excited because I HATED the Barney purple that she and hubby picked out 3 years ago ~ note to reader: DON'T SEND HUSBAND AND DAUGHTER TO STORE FOR PAINT WHEN SHE IS 4!

We are going with Tiffany Blue walls, Black and White bedding from Pottery Barn, and updating her dressers. TIP: Instead of paying the astronomical price for the PBTeen white bedding, I cheated and bought the Shabby Chic Rouched Bedding at Target for half the price =) I will post pics of progress as it comes!

Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Decorate Inside Your Home for Fall With Outside Beauties

Complementary Colors
Create a big impact with your fall displays by using contrasting colors. Use a vase in a color that complements that of the leaves you use to make them stand out and add more colors to the room. Stick with cool colors, like blues, purples, and greens, to complement different shades of red, orange, and yellow leaves.

Seasonal Kitchen Display
Open kitchen shelving offers a plethora of decorating possibilities all year long. For a subtle and sweet fall accent, tuck a pumpkin among displayed dishware and other accessories. Surrounded by white dishware, this pumpkin blends in easily but also adds a hint of natural texture.

Personalize Your Pumpkin
Jack-o'-lantern faces aren't the only option for pumpkins. Try different pumpkin-decorating techniques to correspond with your own personal style. Go with curvy carvings for a more elegant, refined look, or paint shapes or designs on the pumpkin for a bold look. Try different sizes of pumpkins for variety, and even try different colors -- orange, white, or even green.