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Friday, August 23, 2013

How To Make a Floor Pouf

Poufs are all the rage these days, the basic construction of the pouf is really easy ~ if you can sew a straight line with a sewing machine, you can make one of these. Trust me!!

To make this, you'll need:
2 yards of fabric ~ all the same print or coordinating pieces
foam, egg-crate style or something with some density

1. You will need to cut your pieces 2-24"x24" and one 13"x96" piece. If you don't have a 96" piece in one length..that's ok just piece 24" pieces together.
2. Take one 24 X 24 piece and place it correct side down on your work space. Now place around the sides the 24 X 12 pieces such that the 24 inch sides line up. Now pin all pieces together.
3. Sew pieces together.
4. Once all four sides are done you will get a Bucket like structure. The wrong side will be visible out.The resultant will be like a plus sign. Make sure you have left one of the bottom seams open to stuff.
5. Cut up a egg-crate mattress and stack squares of it inside like a layer cake and use the poly fill to even it out.
6. Hand sew the final seam to shut since it won't fit under the sewing machine =)

For more ideas and step-by-step pictures of tutorials click here.  

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