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Thursday, June 28, 2012

In a Moments Notice

So often we miss out on God’s best because we give up too soon.

We don’t realize how close we are to our victory. Just another few days of believing, another few weeks of doing the right thing, or another few months of staying in faith is all we may need to see His promises come to pass. Today, speak by faith over your life just as I am doing for my own life. Our breakthrough is right around the corner!

We might be saying, “I don’t know how I’m going to make it. Things seem to be getting worse instead of better.” We become tempted to think, "I’m never going to find my spouse", or "I’m never going to get that promotion", or "I’m never going to break this addiction". But we can, because the truth is our Heavenly Father is closer than we think.

Usually the intensity gets turned up when victory is near. The enemy would not be fighting so hard if he didn’t already know he was about to lose his grip on us. When those negative thoughts come that would discourage us, just just need to remind ourselves that we are children of the Most High God. Let our words be, “I am an overcomer. I am the head and not the tail. I am a victor and not a victim.”

Scripture is full of people who were closer than they thought...
*David faced impossible odds against Goliath, but he was moments away from victory (1 Samuel 17).
*Elijah was surrounded by 400 false prophets, but the power of God was about to be revealed for everyone to see (1 Kings 18).
*Joseph was forgotten and left in prison, but he was just a dream away from his royal position (Genesis 39–40).

Can you imagine if David dropped his slingshot and ran? What if Elijah had backed down? What if Joseph had stopped dreaming? They didn’t give up, and God gave them victory! These stories reveal that it is often the darkest right before the dawn.

Perhaps today you are facing impossible odds, just like me. Maybe you feel surrounded, maybe you feel forgotten. The good news is that our God can act suddenly in our situation. In a moment’s notice, everything can change for the better!

I believe and declare that God is going to open doors on my and your behalf. My faith and your faith will be rewarded. Our dawn is almost here. He will put us in the right position to win. He is going to give us inside information. He will do the impossible in my life and your life. Get ready!

Believe God’s best for you, and be excited that we are going to see God move in our situation sooner than we think! We are going to be amazed at His goodness in the days to come.

Monday, June 25, 2012

If You're Tired of Toughing It Out

I so thought that I would be able to tell you today that I received my breakthrough ~ I thought that I would be giving you a financial testimony that would only occur by the hand of God ....... I can't do it, YET!

I thought today when our home refi appraisal came back that I would be telling you that it FINALLY happened this time, our house appraised for what we needed so we could refi at a much lower interest rate (a rate that is 1/2 what it is now) but unfortunately once again the economy is still playing havoc with our house (this is not the first time we've tried to refi in the last 3 years). With student loan debt killing our monthly budget we need this appraisal badly! But instead of in wallowing in self-pity, I know that God has a better plan because he turns everything around for our good, my good!!! This too will be turned around.

Am I tired of toughing this out? Heck yes and the devil would sure like me to dwell and believe that its not going to get better ~ he has been messing with my head all afternoon............ I know that he, the devil, comes to steal, kill and destroy BUT God came to give me life and have it abundantly John 10.10. No matter how bad the battle rages in my mind, I'm not going to give up! I am going to step out and regain the territory that's been stolen from me. Even if it's only an inch at a time, I am leaning on God's grace and not on my own ability to believe this going to happen in HIS TIMING!

In Galatians 6:9 the apostle Paul simply encourages us to keep on keeping on! I'm not going to be a quitter! God's looking for people who will find the courage to rise above all the negative and pursue the positive.

Whatever you may be facing or experiencing in your life right now, I want to encourage you to stay positive and refuse to give up! God is with you. He'll help you make spiritual progress—strengthening and encouraging you to keep on keeping on during rough times. It's easy to quit, but it takes faith to press on to victory.

When the battle seems endless and you think you'll never make it, remember that you're reprogramming a "worldly" mind to think as God thinks. This process of reprogramming or renewing our minds will take place little by little, so don't be discouraged if progress seems slow. Don't get down when you have setbacks or bad days. Just get back up, dust yourself off and start again. When a baby is learning to walk, he falls many, many times before he develops the ability to walk without falling; however, the baby is persistent. He may cry for a while after he falls down, but he always gets right back up and tries again.

Learning to change our thinking works the same way. There will be days when we don't do everything right—days when our thinking is negative. But never stop trying. God is gradually bringing us around to His way of thinking. When we trust in Him and no that He is doing a good work in and through us EVEN when the battle/s seem endless, He is working, He is preparing, He is there! Just don't give up!