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Wednesday, September 21, 2016

Fun, Unique Ways to Craft with Fall Leaves ~ Cheap ideas to decorate your home for fall.....just take a walk, gather some leaves and use your imagination OR try some or all of these cute, cute ideas!

Autumn Leaf Candle Holder ~Allow the warm colors of autumn leaves to shine throughout your home with these easy DIY candle holders.

Foliage Letter ~Use strong spray adhesive and artificial leaves to give a large initial a seasonal update—a great alternative to a wreath!

Oversize Leaf Artwork ~A simply gorgeous way to show off colorful leaves, this project is a stunning centerpiece for your fall mantel.

Wednesday, September 14, 2016

Pretty cool pumpkin and gourd carving ideas for this Fall and Halloween forget the traditional jack o' lantern and try of few of these pumpkin carving ideas for your Fall and/or Halloween decorating fun!

Welcome guests to your home with these decorative monogrammed pumpkins that are simply elegant. To make these cool pumpkins, print letters (either your initials or one for each member of your family) in your favorite font. Transfer the designs to pumpkins and carve, either cutting all the way through the pumpkins or gouging out the top layer.

Your car aficionado will love this pumpkin road duo. Download the patterns; transfer to your pumpkins and cut the opening to on the bottom of your finished design. Cut out the windows and windshield. Then use a gouging tool to outline the car and camper doors. Cut out a small rectangle under the camper door, and wedge in a scrap of pumpkin for the threshold. Embellish the car and campers with wheels, door handles, and curtains using pieces of small, colored gourds; secure with toothpicks. Cut out a stripe along the camper and insert a long strip of gourd to finish.

Smooth-skin gourds are a great way to add cool pumpkin carving to your decorating repertoire. Choose varieties in distinctive seasonal colors, such as yellows, greens, and reds. To create these luminarias, cut a hole in the side of each gourd large enough for your hand; scrape out the inside. Mark your chosen design on the gourd using a pencil or ballpoint pen. Carve the design with an awl, paring knife, or crafts knife, or use a power drill and different-size bits. Illuminate the gourds with strands of LED lights.

Monday, September 12, 2016

Be Unique When You Decorate Your Home for Fall ~ Get out of the traditional fall decor box and use things that inspire you, that you love and that match your current'll be surprised how much you love the unique look and so will your family and friends!

Be Unique ~ You don't have to stick to the traditional fall colors when you transform your house for the fall season. Of course those traditional colors of red, orange, yellow and brown are awesome but think out side the box and spruce up your home by adding seasonal decorating touches using a variety of color. I tried this concept this year and everyone has absolutely LOVED my turquoise pumpkins that of course match my den {click here to see that post}, however here is pic of my den:

The top pic above done in white, ivory and robin eggs blue with burgundy, is front and center, it brings a new twist to the Fall decor scheme, that will get people's attention. Of course you should continue to use the the traditional fall items to fill your home just mix up the color ~ it makes a great back drop for a Fabulous Fall Party!

Consider these easy changes to your decor in UN-traditioanl fall colors ~ they all still make a cozy fall statement but in non-traditional color schemes!

Saturday, September 10, 2016

Get out your glue gun and put on your creative too can create these cheap and easy {I know what your thinking with those 2 little words} DIY Fall & Halloween wreaths with things you have around the house or things you can buy cheap...

Swatches of orange, red, and white burlap, broadcloth or even felt can create a candy corn illusion that you can keep on your front door for the entire season. TIP: if you use a wire wreath form , bend it in the same of a tear drop to really create the look of candy corn.

Decorate a basic twig wreath with your favorite holiday goodies...check the dollar store for unique fall/halloween items. Love how this wreath paired colorful butterflies, a few spooky crows and spiders for the perfect combination of tricks and treats.